19 December 2013

Ice, Ice Baby

More addicting than cocaine, more refreshing than a dip in a pool, meet my latest addition: Sparkling Ice. While the company has been around since 1987, I discovered this thirst-quenching drink about a year ago and there has been no turning back since. The "skinny" bottle shape (a nod to the product's zero calories and target of health-conscious females) fits perfectly in my hand whether I am at my desk or on-the-go. Although most of the flavors sound appealing, once I tried the pink grapefruit I figured "why mess with perfection". The sweet yet tangy flavor makes my taste buds jump with glee. In my opinion, it is the champagne of sparkling waters. If you haven't yet tried one of their products, I highly recommend them. I believe you can obtain their products at all major supermarkets (and Costco!) 

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