17 November 2013

Google hit it out of the ballpark

It is rare when a commercial brings me to the verge of tears (aside from the infamous ASPCA commercials). The "Reunion" ad from Google is both thought-provoking and emotionally appealing. The commercial forces you to think back to simpler times, times without social media and when instant connection to the world wasn't available. This technology has truly revolutionized the world by changing the ways we can keep in touch with people halfway around the world at a touch of a finger. The ad was also emotionally appealing, my heart warmed when the two grandfathers are connected again. As a spectator, this commercial appeals to our sympathetic circle by drawing upon our desire for everlasting relationships. Our main desire in life is companionship and this ad caters to this desire. It was also refreshing to see such a powerhouse company release such a emotionally-driven commercial. Cheers Google, you nailed it.