06 October 2013

Finding my Way

Being in my final year at a university, I have begun the great search for "the first" job. While most of my peers feel trapped and pressured by this process, this research has been rejuvenating. I am in awe of the vast array of career paths that are available.

  • Should I chose to work at a company and focus my energy improving one brand/one product?
  • Do I work at a "holding" company to work on a diversified portfolio of industries and brands? 
  • Do I want to apply for a program like Teach for America and aid underpriviliged areas in improving their education departments? 
  • Should I say screw it all and apply for a position that would enable me to travel the world while I'm still young such as working on a cruise ship? 
The possibilities are endless.

Stay tuned to hear about my journey.

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